Aspects of Love Set Requirements

Aspects of Love takes place in France and Italy between 1947 and 1964. A unit set is suggested to achieve fluidity and various locations.

Specific Locations:

  • The Garden at Pau
  • A Small Theatre in Montpellier
  • A Café in Montpellier
  • The Railway Station
  • In a Train Compartment
  • The House as Pau
  • The Terrace at Pau
  • Outside the Bedroom
  • Up in the Pyrenees
  • Outside the House at Pau
  • The Railroad Station
  • A Fairground in Paris
  • George’s Flat in Paris
  • Guilietta’s Studio in Venice
  • A Café in Venice
  • A Registry Office
  • A Military Camp in Malaya
  • A Grand Theatre in Paris
  • Rose’s Dressing Room
  • The Countryside around the House
  • Inside the House at Pau
  • A Circus in Paris
  • Jenny’s Bedroom in Paris
  • The Vineyards at Pau

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