Cats: Young Actors’ Edition Set and Costume Requirements

Over the years, we have seen some fantastic productions of Cats - set in interesting locations, with individual characterisation and jaw-dropping costume choices never seen before. One of the conditions of the licence is for you to take a unique approach to the design of the show, so we encourage taking advantage of this opportunity for creative collaboration and creating something fun and engaging for both cast and audience!

Photo: Opera Populaire, 2017

Let’s take the location, for example. It could be an abandoned railway station, a playground - wherever cats might gather! It could be set in the Swinging Sixties, in the future… the possibilities are endless. Another fun idea is to play around with oversized props to highlight the proportions of your human ‘cats’. These are the questions that can be explored and experimented with - and remember, the sky's the limit. The more creative, the better.

Photo: The Pantheon Club 2019.

We can’t wait to see your take on Cats, and are excited by the various opportunities the show provides to be creative and have as much fun as possible!

Photo: Kilworth House Theatre, 2019



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