Daisy Pulls It Off

The plucky Daisy struggles with, and triumphs over, the school snobs in this Olivier Award-winning comedy.

Photo: Charing Cross Theatre 2019, photograph by Robert Workham
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By Denise Deegan
Music for the “Grangewood School Song” composed by Beryl Waddle-Browne

It’s 1927 and Daisy Meredith is the first scholarship girl taken from an elementary school to be allowed access to the hallowed halls of Grangewood School for Young Ladies.

Enthusiastic and plucky to the last, Daisy finds herself struggling against unspeakable snobs Sybil and Monica and their ghastly schemes to get her expelled. Ably assisted by her new best friend, madcap and self-styled poet, Trixie Martin, Daisy finds herself caught up in a series of irresistible adventures including the search for missing treasure. Can they work out the mysterious clues and save the school from closure? Or will they be beaten by the enigmatic Mr. Scoblowski?

The huge West End hit is a much-loved amateur favourite and following in the St. Trinian’s tradition, the headmistress is often portrayed by a man, with the schoolgirls played by older actresses. Full of hilarious characters and splendid scrapes, Daisy Pulls It Off celebrates, with a sly wit and a big heart, an arguably sweeter, more innocent era.

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Size of orchestra: Piano Only

Genre: Comedy Family Mystery/Thriller Period

Vocal demands: Easy

Dance Requirements: None

Cast Size: Large

Casting Opportunities: Mostly Women Multicultural Casting Non-Traditional Casting Star Vehicle Female Star Vehicle Male Teen

Performance groups

Professional Secondary School University Youth Group
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