School of Rock Production Resources


Download the School of Rock activity sheet for School of Rock inspired class room activities. 



Download the School of Rock Teacher's Pack for advice on staging the show.



Obtain professional graphics for your posters, web pages and marketing materials! Artwork rights for our shows are only available in conjunction with a performance licence.


Additional resources available for hire:

RMS KEYBOARDS - Keyboard programming

Designed specifically to meet the needs of productions that want convenient, cost-effective access to the unique, signature keyboard sounds that are integral to Andrew Lloyd Webber's shows. All you have to do is connect any standard keyboard (or multiple keyboards) to your laptop and you'll be ready to perform! Contact Realtime Music Solutions for more information.


RMS COACH - Rehearsal Software

RMS Coach gives cast members, directors, choreographers, music directors (anyone who needs to rehearse) on demand access to the full piano/vocal accompaniment of your musical. Just about anything you can imagine a piano coach doing to teach a musical number can be done with RMS Coach: isolate parts, mute them entirely, bring them up or down in volume, speed up, slow down, transpose, vamp and much, much more. Best of all, everyone involved with the show can use it on his or her own computer.


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