Starlight Express Musical Numbers

Act I
Overture Orchestra
Entry of National Trains Control, Mother, Boy
Rolling Stock Greaseball, Company
After Rolling Stock Rusty, Greaseball, Nintendo, Prince of Wales, Ruhrgold, Turnov, Control, Dinah, Buffy, Duvay, Pearl, Company
Rusty Cannot be Serious Duvay, Buffy, Dinah, Pearl, Company
A Whole Lotta Locomotion Control, Dinah, Buffy, Duvay, Pearl
He’ll Whistle at Me Pearl, Coaches
Freight is Great Dinah, Buffy, Pearl, Duvay, Trucks, Control, Hip Hoppers, Flat Top, Caboose, Dustin, Greaseball, Nintendo, Prince of Wales, Ruhrgold, Turnov, Company
AC/DC Control, Electra, Wrench, Pulse, Hip Hopper 1, Purse, Joule, Volta
Pumping Iron Dinah, Buffy, Duvay, Pearl, Greaseball, Wrench, Pulse, Hip Hopper 1, Joule, Volta, Electra
Coda of Freight Greaseball, Electra, Dinah, Wrench, Pulse, Purse, Joule, Volta, Buffy, Duvay, Pearl, Rusty, Ruhrgold, Prince of Wales, Nintendo, Turnov, Trucks, Company
Hitching and Switching Control, Rusty, Pearl
Crazy Rusty, Coaches, Pearl
Pearl, You’ve Been Honored Purse, Rusty, Pearl
Make Up My Heart Pearl, Rusty
Race One Control, Greaseball, Ruhrgold, Electra
Poppa’s Blues Poppa, Hip Hoppers, Flat Top, Dustin
After Blues Poppa, Rusty, Hip Hoppers, Flat Top, Dustin
Starlight Short Poppa, Control, Hip Hoppers, Rusty, Flat Top, Dustin
Race Two Poppa, Control, Nintendo, Turnov
Laughing Stock Rusty, Dustin, Poppa, Greaseball & Gang, Flat Top, Hip Hoppers, Caboose, Dustin, Electra, Pearl
Starlight Express Rusty
Act II
The Rap Hip Hoppers, Control, Electra, Wrench, Pulse, Purse, Joule, Volta, Greaseball, Caboose, Dinah
Whirl Pearl Greaseball, Pearl, Dinah, Buffy, Duvay
U.N.C.O.U.P.L.E.D. Dinah
Girls’ Rolling Stock Buffy, Duvay, Dinah
Dinah You’re Honored Purse, Dinah, Buffy, Duvay, Caboose, Greaseball
Race Three Control, Greaseball, Electra, Rusty
Terrorizing Rusty Greaseball & Gang, Electra, Caboose, Flat Top, Rusty, Pearl
Right Place, Right Time Rusty, Hip Hoppers
Rusty Alone Rusty
Starlight Sequence Rusty, Starlight
Rusty and Dustin Rusty, Dustin
Dinah’s Disco Dinah, Electra, Caboose, Control
Pre-Race Four Greaseball, Pearl, Electra, Caboose, Rusty, Dustin, Company
Race Four Control
One Rock ‘n’ Roll Too Many Electra, Greaseball, Caboose
After Rock ‘n’ Roll Control, Poppa, Dustin
I Do Pearl, Rusty
Long Live Rusty Dinah, Greaseball, Electra, Girls, Boys
Light at the End of the Tunnel Poppa, Company
Megamix Company
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