Sunset Boulevard Musical Numbers

Act I
Overture Orchestra
Prologue Joe
Let’s Have Lunch Joe, Betty, Artie, Sheldrake, Ensemble
Betty’s Pitch Betty, Joe
Car Chase Orchestra
After Car Chase Joe
Surrender Norma
Once Upon a Time Norma
With One Look Norma
Salome Norma, Joe
The Greatest Star of All Max
Schwab’s Drugstore Joe, Betty, Artie, Ensemble
Girl Meets Boy (Part 1) Joe, Betty
Girl Meets Boy (Part 2) Joe, Betty, Artie
I Started Work on the Script Joe, Max
New Ways to Dream Joe, Norma
Transition to the Lady’s Paying Joe
The Lady’s Paying Norma, Manfred, Joe, Salesmen
New Year Tango Joe, Max
The Perfect Year Norma, Joe
I Had to Get Out Joe
This Time Next Year Joe, Betty, Artie, Ensemble
After “This Time Next Year” (Underscore) Orchestra
Auld Lang Syne Artie, Betty, Ensemble
Act II
Entr’acte Orchestra
Sunset Boulevard Joe
There’s Been a Call Norma, Joe
It Took Her Three Days Joe
As if We Never Said Goodbye Norma
Paramount Conversations Betty, Joe, Sheldrake, Max, Norma, DeMille
Was That Really Norma Desmond? DeMille
Girl Meets Boy (Reprise) Joe, Betty
A Little Suffering Astrologers, Masseurs, Beauticians, Analyst, Doctor
I Should Have Stayed There Joe
Too Much in Love to Care Betty, Joe
New Ways to Dream (Reprise) Max
The Phone Call Norma
Betty on the Road Orchestra
What’s Going on Joe? Betty, Joe, Norma
The Final Scene Norma, Max
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