The Hired Man Musical Numbers

Song of the Hired Men Company
Fill it to the Top Man Isaac, Seth, John, Company
Now for the First Time Emily, John
Song of the Hired Men (Reprise) Company
Work Song John, Pennington, Farmhands, Workers
Who Will You Marry Then? Emily, Sally
Get Up and Go, Lad Isaac, John, Landlady, Emily, Women, Chorus
I Wouldn’t Be the First Emily, Jackson
Fade Away Emily, John
Hear Your Voice (I) Jackson
What a Fool I’ve Been John
If I Could Emily, John, Jackson
Song of the Hired Men (Reprise) Company
You Never See the Sun May
Blackrock (What Would You Say to Your Son?) John
Union Song (Men of Stone) Seth, Supporters, Anti-Union Men
Farewell Song Emily, Isaac, May, John, Chorus
War Song: So Tell Your Children Isaac, Jackson, John, Emily, Men
Day Follows Day Women
Crossbridge Dance Isaac, Company
No Choir of Angels John, Emily
Hear Your Voice (II) Jackson, Emily
Emily’s Death & The Re-Hiring: Song of the Hired Men (Reprise) Company
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