Scene 1 (Cockermouth – Whitsun 1898)

Whippet (Seth)
Jug of beer, glasses (Landlady)
Cottage furniture – chairs, table etc. (John & Emily)
Coin  (Pennington)
Paper (Seth)
Coins (Isaac & Jackson)


Scene 2 (Crossbridge – November 1898)

In cottage
Range with fire
Other dressing as required
Box with food (Pennington)


Scene 3 (Crossbridge – Spring 1899)

Basket & sheets in cottage
Jackson (cigarettes, matches)


Scene 4 (Crossbridge – October 1899)

Apple pie on cottage table
Bag, pipe, matches (Isaac)


Scene 5 (Crossbridge – November 1899)

Supper laid out on table


Scene 6 (Crossbridge – December 1899)

No props required


Scene 1 (Crossbridge – Early Summer 1914)

3 dead rabbits, gun, tobacco, papers, matches (Jackson)


Scene 2 (Whitehaven – Late Summer 1914)

In cottage kitchen (n.b. this is a different cottage from the one in Act I)
Table, chairs, armchairs, sideboard or cupboard (in it or on it: plates, cutlery, food etc.) Range with food

Pie (Emily)


Scene 3 (Whitehaven – Late Summer 1914)

No props required


Scene 4 (Whitehaven – September 1914)

In cottage: - plates, food etc. from table
Suitcase (John)
Bag of sweets in vase on sideboard
Piece of brown paper
Sprig of heather (Emily)
Suitcases (soldiers)


Scene 5 (Whitehaven & in the trenches in France 1915-1918)

In cottage
Letters, paper, pen (Emily)
Rifles (soldiers)
Piece of wood (Jackson)


Scene 6 (Crossbridge 1920)

Pie (Isaac)
Watch (Seth)


Scene 7 (Whitehaven 1921)

In cottage
Food (Emily)
John’s scarf, cap & tin
Photograph on sideboard

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