Whistle Down the Wind Musical Numbers

Act 1
Keys to the Vaults of Heaven Minister, Congregation
Overture Orchestra
What’s He Doin’ Poor Baby, Swallow, Brat, Kids
Earl – Amos Earl, Swallow, Brat, Poor Baby
Cold [Radio]
Grown Ups Kill Me Boone
Whistle Down the Wind Boone, Swallow, Poor Baby
Cold Edward, Local Men, Girls
For the Sake of the Children Sheriff, Chorus
Soliloquy Man
If Only Swallow, Man
Tire Tracks Candy, Amos
Safe Haven Townspeople, Deputy
Long Overdue for a Miracle Vikki, Louise, Clarence, Louis, Jackie, Lavonne, Ramona, Elizabeth, Curly, Brat, Poor Baby, Kids, Children
Annie Christmas Man, Poor Baby, Clarence, Swallow, Children, Kids
No Matter What Charity, Vikki, Lavonne, Louise, Elizabeth, Clarence, Curly, Brat, Swallow, Men, Women
Act 2
Opening Act 2 Ensemble
Try Not to be Afraid Man, Swallow
Let’s Make a Promise Amos
A Kiss is a Terrible Thing to Waste Amos, Swallow, Man, Candy
Over Here Earl
If Your Mother Boone
No Matter What (Reprise) Poor Baby, Swallow
Annie Christmas (Reprise) Man, Swallow, Kids
So Many Cries Man
Off Ramp Exit Candy
Now the Noose Mob, Poor Baby, Swallow, Earl, Townspeople
Wrestle with the Devil Preacher, Woman, Person 1, Person 2, Candy, Amos, Sheriff, Local 1, Local 2, Townspeople, Mob
No Matter What The Outrage Mob, Children
There’s a Prayer Swallow
The Nature of the Beast Man, Swallow
The Thunder is Rolling Kids, Swallow Boone, Family
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