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All UK & Eire licensees are to hire music materials from Wise Music.

The Beautiful Game - Wise Music Hire Tariffs

Wise Music Hire Tariffs

The hire tariffs below apply to licence holders in the U.K. & Eire. Contact the Wise Music Hire Library ( for more information.


The Beautiful Game – Minimum Hire Package: £420.00 plus postage costs.


3 x Piano Vocal Scores for 3 months  (Each extra month = £5.50 per copy)

15 x Libretto Vocal Books for 3 months  (Each extra month = £5.50 per copy)

1 x Full Score and orchestral materials/band parts for 1 month  (Each extra month = £110.00)



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  •       Woodwind I (Flute, Piccolo, Penny Whistles)
  •       Percussion
  •       Keyboard I
  •       Keyboard II
  •       Keyboard III
  •       Guitar
  •       Bass Guitar
  •       Drums
  •       Violin (Five string preferred / Four string optional)

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